Large Tips: Post 2 is Fake

Congratulations, you spotted the FAKE POST

Post 2 is fake, although it is possible that a couple got drunk and left a huge tip and then wanted to get a refund, I made it up.

All I needed to do was grab a receipt and write whatever I wanted on it. I chose $200 as I wanted it to be different from the other post. I then made sure that I cropped a photo so that the receipt didn’t show my name, credit card number or the fact that it was the customer copy and not the merchant copy.

$200 tip on a $71.78 bill

Many of these over-tipping stories can be real, but designed as a clever way to catch links, shares, likes, views on a website or YouTube channel. So every time you see this kind of story pop up, look for links to see if someone is trying to make money off of the story. It could be worthwhile for a large company to pay for social media shares and links for as cheap as a $100 tip to a deserving server.

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