Huge Tips Can You Spot the Fake Post

If you are new to Fake a Post the game is simple. Below are 2 posts about people giving generous tips to people. They both could be FAKE, and completely made up by our writers or they could be REAL (or at least highly publicized/promoted as the truth). After reading both posts try to select the fake post.

POST 1: $100 tip to Teacher with a 2nd Job as a Waitress

New Jersey teacher who works a second job as a waitress received a pleasant surprise from two diners who left her a big tip and a sweet note on their bill to thank her for everything she does for children in the community.

Catherine Acampora-Nielsen, a special education teacher at the Lakewood Middle School in Lakewood, N.J., moonlights as a waitress at Woolley’s Seafood House Restaurant in Freehold, N.J.

When she collected the check from a couple, she saw a note on the receipt along with a $100 tip on their $70.96 bill.

Acampora-Nielsen shared a photo of the check on a private community Facebook group to thank the parents for their generosity and for recognizing her hard work.

“Thank you for teaching our kids — teachers shouldn’t have to work weekends!” the parents wrote.

“To the couple that came into Woolley’s today and left this for me, I can’t thank you enough — lucky there are people out there who appreciate hard workers — hope you two enjoyed your day away from the kids,” her Facebook post reads.

The post was later re-shared on a public Facebook group on Sunday to bring attention to the couple’s kindness.

POST 2: Couple Demands a Refund After Giving $200 Tip To Waitress

A Rock Hill South Carolina couple demanded a refund on an excess tip given to their waitress. While visiting the Pump House Restaurant, the couple was surprised by the warm reception given to them by the waitress.

Sara Roberts couldn’t understand why the waitress ran over to their table and hugged her husband Jeff the moment they sat down for lunch.

“At first I thought, is he cheating on me?” stated Sara. “After a heated discussion Jeff swore that he didn’t know the server, but he thought that she served them last time that they were at the restaurant.”

The couple decided to check their credit card statement and found that they had indeed been overly generous with a $200 tip on a $71.78 check, after their previous visit to the restaurant.

“Turn’s out that Jeff isn’t that great at math after a couple of drinks, he meant to give our server a 20% tip” said Sara.

The couple contacted restaurant co-owner Colby Moiser to explain the situation. Colby refused to reverse the transaction as he didn’t want to take the tip that his waitress had received. Instead, Colby offered to give the couple a $200 gift card for their next visit.

This story was originally posted on the subreddit r/PublicFreakout.

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