Celebs With Beef: Can You Spot the Fake Post?

Post 1: DJ Khaled Challenges 50 Cent to a Duel

DJ Khaled and 50 cent have had beef since 2009, So why has DJ Khaled decided to squash this beef 10 years later? More importantly, he couldn’t be serious could he?

After reaching out to his management team we found out that the “Duel” will be an old fashion 20 pace shoot out at high noon. However, it isn’t exactly going to be the Burr Hamilton duel of 1804.

Each of the dueling parties will be given a paintball gun from the Chicago Aftershock. After marching off 20 paces, as called out by a professional paintball player, they will turn and shoot at each other. The first one hit will be declared the loser.

Why would they go to such extremes? Khaled’s manager said that he had recently heard a song, from 2009, that used his name and he said that they never really settled things with 50 cent 10 years later. There isn’t really any bad blood from this, it was more like let’s just settle this and do something good for the kids. After contacting 50 cent’s team a deal was struck where the loser would give $50,000 to the winner’s charity.

Khaled’s chosen foundation the Wylder Nation aims to treat or cure rare childhood diseases.

50 cent has chosen to represent the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Which aims to support families which have lost children to gun violence.

DJ Khaled tweet challenging 50 cent to a duel

The event- Or Duel – has been scheduled at noon 7/25/19, at the Chicago Waterfront.

Post 2: Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a fight

Justin Bieber doesn’t believe for a second Tom Cruise is half the badass he seems to be in his movies — and he’s out to prove it in the Octagon. 

We can only assume Justin was watching a ‘Mission: Impossible’ or “Jack Reacher” flick this weekend when he said enough is enough … and called out Cruise. 

Bieber not only challenged Cruise to an MMA brawl, but he pulled that schoolyard bully move, saying … “Tom if you don’t take this fight your [sic] scared and you will never live it down.”

Now, we’d laugh this off as just a joke, except for the fact, he tagged UFC honcho Dana White — and then Conor McGregor chimed in … saying he’ll host the fight IF Tom has “the sprouts to fight, like he does in the movies.”

Something about this doesn’t seem like a fair fight, although we’re not sure who’s the favorite.

Remember, Justin actually has boxing skills. His pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. has even vouched for him in the ring.

Then, there’s age: Justin is 25, Tom is 56 (going on 57). JB’s also about 2 inches taller than TC, and probably has a longer reach too.

Then again, Tom has experience AND … he jumps out of tall buildings!!! That’s gotta count for something, but apparently not for bookies.

Yes, BetOnline is already taking wagers, and has Bieber as the 2 to 1 fave over Cruise.

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