Two stories about people who generously over-tipped their food server. Are they Fake or Real?

Spot the Fake Tip Story

Celebrities With Major Beef

Two Stories of Celebs that are in the middle of a major dispute.  Can you spot the Fake Story?

Spot the Fake Celeb Post

Cell Phones Are Changing Our Children's Bodies

Recent studies have shown links between cell phone use and evolutionary changes in our children.  Can you spot the Fake Post?

Spot the Fake Cell Phone Post

Tired of Fake News?

We started this website to help you sort out which stories you read are fake.  By practicing our little game you will improve your ability to spot fake posts when you surf the web.

The game is simple, we will show you two stories and your job is to spot the fake post.  After running several websites, we learned tons of tricks to produce fake news and wanted to see if other people could spot the fake stories.

Here is the catch, some of the stories may have been picked up by major media, but that doesn't make them real does it?  If we spot and run a fake post, we will show you how we think they faked it, or what their motivation was to make up a fake story.